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Mother’s Day 2021-22
  • Event Date: 09-May-2021
  • Updated On: 10-Sep-2021
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Description: It is truly said that "God can't be everywhere all the time to help us. So, he created MOTHERS". The students of St. Karen's Montessori School celebrate "Mother's Day" every year to pay tribute to all mothers for their unconditional love, support and care towards their children. This year our students poured their heart out by making beautiful paper handmade trophies and presented them to their mothers by either singing a song or by saying a short message with the trophies. In every trophy there was a hidden prayer of the children for their mothers to keep them healthy and safe. The day May 9th, 2021 was certainly a memorable day for the teachers, mothers and the students as the whole celebration was done during the virtual class and everyone witnessed the Divine bond between mothers and their children.