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  • 23rd January, 2020


    Dear Parents, This is to inform you that...

  • 18th January, 2020


    Dear Parents, The Final Term syllabus has...

  • 28th July, 2018

    Notice Regarding Online Fees...

    Dear Parents, Congratulations!!! St....

  • 19th February, 2018

    Steps To Open e-Care Panel...

    Dear Teachers / Parents &...

  • 30th January, 2018

    Steps for View/download...

        View/ Download your ward's...

  • 11th January, 2018

    To "Recover The Password" of...

    Dear Parents, Now! Use our new module...

  • 11th November, 2017

    Steps to apply Online Leave...

  • 9th November, 2017

    Steps to submit Online Leave...

  • 8th November, 2017

    e-Care password recovery...

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  • 8th November, 2017

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Message From Our Headmistress

Mrs. L.B. Galstaun

My Dear Students, Life is a blank page, A ticket with your name on it. Life is a friend and a dream and a Pencil in your hand....

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Message From Our Asst. Headmistress

Mrs. Sharon Galstaun

After 25 years of our existence we can well say that St. Karen’s Montessori School has arrived! Digitalization has entered our lives in more ways...

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  • Mission Statement

    We strive to inculcate the basic human qualities such as respect, compassion, justice and integrity with a solid foundation of discipline and honesty that lead to a strong character...

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  • Vision Statement

    Our Vision at St. Karen’s is to instill in our students a strong sense of self-belief and confidence and empower them to positively contribute to society and become active and responsible...

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  • 14th Oct, 2019


    St. Karen's High School

Student's Birthday

  • goldi sinha

    goldi sinha

    Class - 2-A
  • anshika sharma

    anshika sharma

    Class - 1-F
  • rishi raj

    rishi raj

    Class - 1-C
  • md.maaz shahnawaz

    md.maaz shahnawaz

    Class - 1-H
  • aniket kashyap

    aniket kashyap

    Class - 3-E
  • arsh kumar

    arsh kumar

    Class - 3-E
  • anshuman raj

    anshuman raj

    Class - 3-E
  • abhimanyu singh

    abhimanyu singh

    Class - L.K.G.-B
  • md amanullah

    md amanullah

    Class - 2-I
  • arsh raj

    arsh raj

    Class - 3-I
  • arpit raj

    arpit raj

    Class - L.K.G.-F
  • ananya kumari

    ananya kumari

    Class - NURS-D
  • vedant singh

    vedant singh

    Class - 1-G
  • divyanshu kumar

    divyanshu kumar

    Class - 2-E
  • raghav singh

    raghav singh

    Class - 1-E

Teacher's Birthday

  • anupama rani

  • rishita thapa